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Open Data Repository Data Publisher

The Open Data Repository's Data Publisher aims to create a simple tool for publishing data to the web. The project will allow non-technical users to design web layouts and their underlying database structures through a web-based, intuitive interface.

The current code is BETA code and should not be used in a production environment. If you are interested in testing the code or contributing to the project, this edition is viable for these purposes only.

  1. Installation

This project is based on Symfony 3.4 and installs by cloning this repository and then using cmposer to install the required Symfony dependencies.

Additionally, you must have the following support libraries to run the publisher engine:

beanstalkd - memcached -

git clone

After cloning the repository, modify the following files with the appropriate values for your system.

app/config/parameters.yml.dist app/config/security.yml

Look for lines with double brackets. These lines need values specific to your configuraiton (ie: [[ my_database_name ]]

Use Composer (recommended) to download and update the Symfony2 distribution and required dependencies.

composer update

Next run "" to ensure your database is properly created and up-to-date.


DEBUG=APIController php bin/phpunit -c app/phpunit.xml.dist


The Open Data Repository's Data Publisher software is a tool for the scientific community to publish and collaborate simply and easily.




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