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#Meetup Notes - January 27, 2015

##OpenDataSTL Events and Events by Friends/Partners since our last meetup

###Health Hack Weekend

  • Has it's own repo w/ wiki, notes, etc.!
  • Final presentations on YouTube­
  • Pitched projects on Friday, worked at scattered locations over the weekend, presented on Monday
  • Better dummy lead dataset with 600 children ranging over 10 years of birth dates - need a better mock datasets with Matt Steiner's asks, etc.
  • Bluetooth standard for communicating heart rate data - open hardware
  • Health-related startup weekend coming up in Feb! Good continuation of health hack weekend. Still an early bird discount for the weekend.
  • Health Violations Inspections Data - HealthSpace has exports built in that can handle the LIVES standard - they've done it for other cities to get restaurant inspection data into Yelp

###Hacks/Hackers Meetup

  • Erin ran event on encryption & setting up encrypted email
  • Geared more toward investigative journalism - but everyone is welcome!

###Global Game Jam

  • Incredibly popular/big game jam - more people than Hong Kong, etc.
  • 42 games submitted
  • GameDev meetup doing a post mortem next week at Earthbound Brewing - reviewing next steps, etc.
  • Many games open source, opportunity for learning new skills such as Unity

###MaptimeSTL Tour of Map Exhibit at UMSL Mercantile Library

  • Field trip in January
  • Feb 10th event = Hand Drawn Maps
  • March event = Digital mapping using Google API or similar APIS

###American Planning Association Presentation on Open Data

  • Bill, Brett, Eleanor, Arthur
  • Sold out! Super popular! Planners in our region are interested in Open Data!

##New Business

###Code Across

  • Last year we did a small event & filled out our St. Louis Open Data Census
  • Focus on a data-a-thon for Code Across
  • Data can be stored on our github repo or on our newly-improved Socrata platform, kindly donated to us by Socrata (or we can post to both!)
  • Dates: February 20-22, 2015
  • Location suggestions?
    • Sasha's on Shaw has a room you can get for private parties
    • The usual suspects: T-Rex, Foam, Gelateria
    • Poll membership? Find a location that could bring new people in.
    • Focus St. Louis as a location & possible co-host? Lots of people interested in St. Louis succeeding - would be nice if they were to adopt open data, open standards, etc.
    • WorldWide Technologies has an amazing tech-friendly meeting center - inviting people who might be their future customers
  • Tell us what data we should liberate! Stuff you would use if it was open! Stuff in PDF! Let's make a massive list of what we want to find/open/etc.
  • Invite contacts to the event who might have super cool data!
  • Code for America will have a variety of challenges as well, including a health challenge - so we may also do that

###Open Data Policy!!!

  • St. Louis County should have an Open Data Policy - EVERYONE in the group comes into play for that, because we are in many ways the regional experts on concepts, policies, and what data users/tech entrepreneurs/etc. may want - let's build a collaborative document and also talk about it/spread it widely among potential partners/experts/etc
  • Let's draft a model policy that can work for any counties and any municipalities in the region as well
  • Bill has started some work, which we have forked - make comments in wiki, etc. here:
  • Sunlight Foundation(?) or CfA(?) was keeping a list of cities that have adopted policies so we can refer to that
  • Probably any open source software statement is not going to work - probably only sticking to open data
  • Missouri will likely have a variety of state-specific exceptions
  • But we can still make suggestions!

###Next Saturday Work Day

  • Need to have a formal agenda next time we do that
  • Work on website
  • Need to work with Jon Leek to schedule - he isn't here tonight
  • We could roll next work day together into CodeAcross???
  • YES - we had a show of hands and we're going to do work day sessions as part of Code Across

###Homeless Shelter App Project

  • Where are we going with that? Are we looking at doing a real project with buy-in, business analysis, etc.
  • Kim spoke to Tina Pihl and has figured out where the last app is really at
  • Last app won't work as-is and doesn't completely meet the shelter group's needs
  • "Version Two" of the app needs to be rewritten with the shelter folks alongside developers, similar to the health hack weekend
  • For context, here is the website from the original app
  • Current shelter system run by MISI - a "dial in" service is only one piece of what MISI offers, so the problem is really in getting a company to adopt a new open source tool into an existing system
  • We had a discussion about homeless system in general and whether it is solving the right problems effectively - Continuum of Care meetings/info might be useful here to see what is being done
  • People who need beds still aren't able to find them - some shelters claim they have vacancies but are actually at capacity?
  • Kim has made contact with a number of stakeholders & can bring them to the table
  • Is one strategy to say that we don't want any data from THEIR database, but we have an app that is going to push data to you about who needs beds, etc. FOur app could give THEM data to help make them more effective, without any sort of "ask" from us
  • Need to invite some stakeholders/players to the table - set up a meeting? But let's make sure that we are also moving forward on health hack projects and don't lose or shift momentum too much.


  • Discussion of BioBlitz from Build4STL from last year - working with youth on biodiversity mapping project
  • Question came up about alternatives to ESRI for these sorts of mapping projects? QGIS, CartoDB, Turf, Leaflet, D3, etc., etc.
  • Zip code vs. ZCTA discussion
  • Remember about our strategic plan! If you haven't seen it, take a look!
  • Fiscal Focus is being modified - Brett welcomes any help!
  • Launching new website! Any help would be appreciated - using Jekyll and GitHub pages. Also would love content development help.
  • Brian Hicks has donated setattr to the group - maybe set up a group viewing (with his permission) and/or raffle off at CodeAcross?
  • Hackathon "teams" tend to fall apart - how do we make teams more effective to carry projects forward long-term? How do we build stronger collaborations? How do we make sure all the players are at the table from the beginning if the stakeholders aren't in the room?
  • Need to investigate having discipline around these projects - hackathons with prizes vs. without? Follow-up after hackathons? One weekend isn't enough time?
  • Cybersecurity - need better mapping of/nformation about where and how data flows
  • Hidden benefits of OpenData is that there are backups (GitHub, Socrata, individual downloads, etc.) - example is that during Hurricane Katrina all the GIS datasets were lost because the main site and their backup site (Tulane) were both wiped out. Geographic diversity in backups. More mundane example was during the government shutdown - they turned off Census Bureau website, but others who had downloaded Census data were able to create mirror sites so data was still available.