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Open Data Services

We help people publish and use open data.

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  1. Tools for generating CSV and other flat versions of the structured data

    Python 86 13

  2. cove Public

    CoVE is an web application to Convert, Validate and Explore data following certain open data standards - including 360Giving, Open Contracting Data Standard, IATI and the Beneficial Ownership Data …

    Python 37 11

  3. JSON Merge Patch (RFC 7386) implementation in python.

    Python 24 3

  4. org-ids Public

    Front end application for

    Python 11 10

  5. noteql Public

    Doing sql in notebooks.

    Jupyter Notebook 10

  6. Repository used for deploying software to Open Data Services Co-operative's servers.

    SaltStack 5 1


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