A prototype of an ETL and API for Open Denton
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A prototype of an ETL and API for Open Denton

This is a prototype of an application that imports data from the city of Denton's open data project into a permanent schema, and offers a flexible API on top of that schema. The db is PostgreSQL and the framework for the API is Sinatra.

Install & bootstrap

  • Install PostgreSQL
  • Make sure you have ruby installed
  • From the project directory, gem install bundler
  • Then bundle install
  • Run rake db:create db:schema:load



If you get the following error:

➜ psql: FATAL:  database "<user>" does not exist

Run the shell command, createdb. This creates a database with the name of the current user.

Source: Stack Overflow Article.

If you used Brew to install Postgres, you can also use services to start and stop the psql background service.

➜ brew tap homebrew/services        ## if you don't have it already installed
➜ brew services start postgresql
➜ brew services start postgresql

If the app crashes with the following warning:

$ ActiveRecord::ConnectionTimeoutError - could not obtain a connection from the pool within 5.000 seconds (waited 5.001 seconds); all pooled connections were in use:

You broke it!

Just kidding.. but the app will need to be restarted. We still need to build in some logic for handling blocking calls. Thanks fer yor patience!

Data Import

  1. Browse http://data.cityofdenton.com/dataset
  2. Find Dataset, click on CSV
  3. Select CSV, Explore, Preview
  4. Select Data API and find "Query Example (first 5 results)", grab resource_id value

For examples below, the Resource ID is 5980ea98-ce00-4f7d-9ee3-114006f78f59 and the DB table will be gas_well_inspections.

  1. in terminal open pry
  2. load 'app/data_importer.rb'
  3. DataImporter.get_sampling('5980ea98-ce00-4f7d-9ee3-114006f78f59', 'gas_well_inspections')
  4. load 'app/data_saver.rb'
  5. DataSaver.save_all('5980ea98-ce00-4f7d-9ee3-114006f78f59', 'gas_well_inspections')

In Code

  1. Add Dataset Endpoint


  1. Stage app/app.rb and schema.rb
  2. Add new model in app/models e.g. app/models/gas_well_inspection.rb
  3. Add new migration in db/migrate
  4. Commit on feature branch