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This is where you can learn how this process works: at the same time, it is open source, so you can access it, comment it with issues, discuss it on the mailing list, modify it when necessary and so on. Three components define the process: the storyboard (that explains the story as a comic in an easy way), the participation matrix (that explains the whole process and how the participation is structured), the activity design (that explains the whole activity in more detail, including tools, rules, connections, and so on).

The process in the meta folder is built with the Open P2P Design methodology, an open source design methodology for co-designing open and collaborative processes. If you want to learn more about it, you can check its website or read this short book that focuses more on the background context and this toolkit that focuses more on designing with it.


If you want to edit the storyboard, use the Storyboard Generator included in the folder. Just open the index.html file, copy the content of the open.design_definition_storyboard.txt file into the form, edit it, and then copy back the new content to the file. Then please save also the generated comic as a .png file (save a screenshot and then edit it) as open.design_definition_storyboard.png.


If you want to edit the file, please open the .ods file with LibreOffice / OpenOffice, edit it and save a .png file overwriting the open.design_definition_participation.matrix.png file (usually saving a .pdf file and then transforming it into an image works well).


If you want to edit the file, please open the .xmind file with XMind, edit it, save it, and export it as a .png file overwriting the file.