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A CKAN extension which provides with template files and logic to implement OD Mekong's datasets
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A CKAN extension which provides with data definition and logic for datasets


In order to install this CKAN Extension:

  • clone the ckanext-odm_dataset folder to the src/ folder in the target CKAN instance. NOTE: This repository contains some submodules, hence do not forget to include the --recursive flag for the git clone.
git clone --recursive
cd ckanext-odm_dataset
  • Install dependencies pip install -r requirements.txt

  • Setup plugin python develop

This theme uses ckanext-scheming and ckanext-fluent

In order for this theme to function properly, following CKAN extensions need to be installed:

ckanext-scheming: ckanext-fluent:

and following variables added to the ckan config file (development.ini/production.ini):

scheming.dataset_schemas = ckanext.odm_dataset:odm_dataset_schema.json
scheming.presets = ckanext.odm_dataset:odm_presets.json
scheming.dataset_fallback = false


Tests are found on ckanext/odm_dataset/tests and can be run with nosetest

Continuous deployment

Everytime code is pushed to the repository, travis will run the tests available on /tests. In case the code has been pushed to master branch and tests pass, the _ci/ script will be called for deploying code in CKAN's DEV instance. Analog to this, and when code from master branch has been tagged as release, travis will deploy to CKAN's PROD instance automatically.

Copyright and License

This material is copyright (c) 2014-2015 East-West Management Institute, Inc. (EWMI).

It is open and licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) v3.0 whose full text may be found at:

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