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GNU AGPLv3 licensed Support on Ko-Fi Chat on Discord

Note: OpenDominion is still in development. Some features of the game have not been implemented yet.


OpenDominion is a free and open-source clone of Dominion, an online text-based and persistent browser-based (PBBG) fantasy war game. OpenDominion is written in PHP on the Laravel framework.

The original Dominion, now defunct, was a game from Kamikaze Games which ran from about 2000 to 2012 until stopping indefinitely.

Original intro text: [1]

You have reached the online game Dominion. What is Dominion? It's a TOTALLY FREE online fantasy war game. You take control of a plot of land in a realm consisting of a group of other players. With your dominion and allied players, you combat the forces of good or evil using military, magic, or espionage. The goal? To finish at the top of the heap. To make your dominion and your realm the most powerful in the land, and to crush your enemies.


Although in development, OpenDominion is already playable. See the links section below.

Status bars displayed here show the current state of a system or page. Pretty much everything that has some status is already present in one way or another.


System Status To do
Authentication Progress 2FA
Buildings Progress
Land Progress
Heroes Progress Everything
Notifications Progress Needs refactoring and email digests
Population Progress
Races & Units Progress
Resources Progress
Wonders Progress
Tech Progress


This indicates which pages are functional. Some pages will be restyled or revisited upon building different functionality later.

Page Status To do
Status Progress
Advisors Progress
Daily Bonuses Progress
Exploration Progress
Construction Progress
Destroy Buildings Progress
Land Rezoning Progress
Castle Improvements Progress
National Bank Progress
Military Training Progress
Release Troops Progress
Invading Progress
Magic Progress
Espionage Progress
Messages Progress Everything
Realm Council Progress Needs refactoring, editing posts, and moderation
Op Center Progress
Government Progress
Diplomacy Progress
Realm Page Progress
Rankings Progress
Town Crier Progress Black ops reports
Valhalla Progress More categories
Scribes / Manual Progress Additional pages


Please see for details.


  • Play
    • The game is no longer in beta. Feel free to register and participate!
    • To help you get started playing OpenDominion, consult the original Dominion's scribes and the old wiki's newbie guide for general gameplay information.
    • Do note that not every functionality has been implemented yet in OpenDominion.
  • Test
    • The test server is publicly available for in-game simming and often used for small scale feature betas.
  • Discord
    • This will be the main place for out of game communication, development talk and game announcements.
  • Donate
    • OpenDominion is powered by player donations
  • Issue tracker
  • Wiki
  • Idea Board


OpenDominion is open-sourced software licensed under the GNU AGPLv3 license.



Dominion and most of its game-related content (concept, mechanics, buildings, races etc) is/was a product of Kamikaze Games, Inc.

OpenDominion aims to be a free and open source remake, closely based on the original Dominion from Kamikaze Games, Inc. No copyright infringement intended.

All rights belong to their respective owners.

Shout-outs / Thanks

  • Ross from Kamikaze Games Inc., for creating and running Dominion
  • RedFox for creating DomSim
  • BlackReign for his OOP sim
  • All the people who contributed to the Dominion Encyclopedia
  • Mevnie from Discord for creating the amazing Elf drawing on the homepage
  • Other people and sites involved with Dominion and from the original Dominion community, including (but not limited to) Dreki, Fingal, Ladeda, Rio, Talium from igalaxie, Sparticus, Lala's Crypt and Mickles from DomHQ
  • All the contributors to the OpenDominion project
  • All the people who are participating in Discord, forums, or otherwise involved with the OpenDominion project


1: Taken from the original Dominion website.