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Technical directions on adding a blog post

To add a new blog/news/activity post, create a file in this directory, taking the existing files as examples.

Each post needs some specific parameters:

  • layout use post for a classical post look, or slides for md slides
  • title the title of your post
  • subtitle (optionnal) a subtitle. It will be adjuncted to your title in the post link and just under the title in the post page
  • location (optional) a location (especially for workshops, conferences, job openings, etc)
  • author the author of the post (you don't want to push yourself forward? Just write the ODK team or whatever you like)
  • date the date YYYY/MM/DD
  • redirect_from not needed for new posts, this is just the redirect link from old activities pages on the former site
  • tags a list of tag. The first tag is the type of activity (talk, blogpost, workshop, etc). The available tags are in the folder /_tagpages/ you can create news tags by adding a page there and then adding the tag to your post.

After you have written a blog post

If you think this is a particularly impactful story in one or more of our target audiences, and would fit well in our communications plan, we want to do some good work at disseminating your story more strategically.

To do this, follow the blog guidelines for dissemination products.