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WP3: Component Architecture

Lead Institution: Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin

  • Objectives:

The objective of this work package is to develop and demonstrate a set of APIs that enable components, such as database interfaces, computational modules, separate systems such as GAP or SAGE, to be flexibly combined and run smoothly across a wide range of environments (such as Cloud-based, local, and server environments).

  • Description:

This Work Package focuses on the structure of the components that make up a mathematical software and their interactions. Such components can be separate modules inside a unique software, or separate softwares interacting through library calls and/or through APIs (e.g.: web APIs). When combined together, they make up a full VRE. The architecture of these software components must be: • Portable, to support a wide range of platforms (mobile, desktops, cloud, . . . ). • Modular, so to ease installing, building, testing, and remixing. • Flexible, so to adapt to different use cases: personal computation, HPC, parallel platforms, . . . • Open, in the sense of open source, but also in the sense of clearly documented and open to the user who wants to understand its underpinnings and/or contribute to it. Indeed we must not forget that the working mathematicians and other users need to know what algorithms the software is going to run to solve a given problem.

See page 41 of the proposal for the full description.