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An automatic drivers logbook-web-app

For more detailed information about how it works & looks - please have a look at the ODL.pdf documentation file!

We are working on a test-server so you can try it out, but have no ETA for this right now.


This work is licensed under a License Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.


are available at )

Necessary changes

Sorry - the time is running out, there are some configurations to be made inside the code instead of central config files. Please make a global search for "YourServer" and "" and check if you need to set up any addresses.

Makefile & Dockerfile magic

1st time setup

  1. git clone ssh://
  2. the Repositories webfw, goodl-lib, goi18n & redistore must be located next to /goodl
    • USE THE NEW MAKE TARGET make update-deps without sudo
    • this does something similar to:
    • cd ..
    • git clone ssh://
    • git clone ssh://
    • git clone ssh://
    • git clone ssh://
  3. Create an empty directory "goodl-databases" with an empty "databases"-directory in it, also next to /goodl.
  4. The dockerimage needs several files, please create a folder "DONTADDTOGIT" with the files from "example-DONTADDTOGIT" and try to fill as much files as possible.
    • deploy_private - a private key for deploying the docker-image
    • gitlab.txt - Access token for an automatic account creating gitlab issues if a user submits an error report
    • mail.txt - Password for your mailaddress to send error-mails if a user submits an error report
    • client_secret.json -> Access secret for Google API for synching address books
    • limesurvey.txt -> Password for limesurvey admin, if you want to create limesurvey invites in E-Mails.
  5. cd goodl

Work Locally (after 1st time setup)

using the Makefile:

Optional / when needed

  1. checkout all develop branches of the repositorys listed under 1st time setup make update-deps 1.5 - when need - sudo make start-redis You only need to start redis once!
  2. build the docker-image make build-dev

always needed

  1. sudo make run-dev
  2. Visit http://localhost:4000/alpha/de/odl for the App. Current
  3. sudo make dev-remove stops & removes goodl-dev container. goodl_redis keeps spinning!

Important Notices!

Golang dependencies

Are now managed using the Glide tool. Whenever you need a new golang-library DO NOT NEVER use go get but instead use

glide get

from inside the goodl/ directory inside the container.


mv ./vendor/ ./vendor_bak/

and wait till all libs get fetched.

They won't be commited to the repo, but will reside in on your machine (unless your delete the folder manually).

About the Docker images & containers

There are 3 different Dockerfiles & init-files in the /dockerize subfolder. Using the dev container, starts a Go CompileDaemon so you don't need to restart the container every time you make changes to the go-code. The CompileDaemon rebuilds the goodl-project using go build /path/to/goodl whenever it see's change on .go and .c files. This should also rebuild the dependencies webfw & goodl-lib since they are mounted into the vendor/ subfolder of goodl.

The Dockerfile.testing checks out the develop branch of each of the 3 main Repos. shoult only be used by Jenkins to deploy to production.


Unit & Integration tests

jup, we got some too...

Acceptance Tests

Use agouti A Golang acceptance testing framework. complemented by the Ginkgo BDD testing framework and Gomega matcher library

Acceptance tests (browser-gui tests) and its test-suite reside in


Running Tests

On Your Dev Machine

Usually, you don't want to run acceptance tests on your dev machine. Normally you just test it by hand. The only exception I see, is when you actually write those acceptence tests. In this case you most likely want to start them in your dev container manually.

  1. sudo make run-tests to spawn your Selenium Hub with a node_chrome and node_firefox alongside
  2. sudo make dev-test-compose-ff and/or sudo make dev-test-compose-chrome in different consoles to run the acceptence test suite 2.5 wait for tests to complete (takes about 10 minutes)
  3. (optional) The current application can be found at `localhost:4004/test/[lang]/odl/login

On -- the dead server --

Jenkins did that on goodl Merge Requests - now you need to do it manually again

run on your server

  1. git clone ssh:// or git pull origin/master to get the latest changes.
  2. sudo make build-server
  3. sudo make remove-server
  4. sudo make run-server
  5. open http://yourServer/alpha

-- the dead server -- run configs

how they are used by jenkins

  1. master branch for internal use & testing

    @docker run -d \ --name goodl_intern \ --link goodl_redis:redis \ -e ENVIRONMENT=intern \ -e \ -e SMTP_PORT=587 \ -v /srv/landingpage2/db/website-dev.sqlite3:/srv/landingpage2/db/website-dev.sqlite3 \ -v /srv/goodl-alpha/databases-intern:/databases \ -p \ odl_go/goodl:latest

  2. development branch, internal, most likely unstable, newly started after each sucessfully tested & merged Merge Request on GoODL

    docker run -d \ --name deploy_intern_dev \ -e ENVIRONMENT=dev-server \ -e \ -e SMTP_PORT=587 \ --link jenkins_goodl_redis:redis \ -v /srv/landingpage2/db/website-dev.sqlite3:/srv/landingpage2/db/website-dev.sqlite3 \ -v /srv/goodl-alpha/databases-intern:/databases \ -p \ odl_jenkins/goodl_mr:live