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This suite of scripts will find camera matrix and distortion parameters with a set of checkerboard images, then use thos parameters to remove distortion from photos.


You need to install numpy and opencv:

pip install numpy
sudo apt-get install python-opencv exiftool

Usage: Calibrate chessboard

First you will need to take some photos of a black and white chessboard with a white border, like this one.

Then you will run the script to generate the matrix and distortion files.

python ./sample/chessboard/ 10 7

The first argument is the path to the chessboard. You will also have to input the chessboard dimensions (the number of squares in x and y) Optional arguments:

--out           path      if you want to output the parameters and the image outputs to a specific path. otherwise it gets writting to ./out
--square_size   float     if your chessboard squares are not square, you can change this. default is 1.0

Usage: undistort photos

With the photos and the produced matrix.txt and distortion.txt, run the following:

python --matrix matrix.txt --distortion distortion.txt "/path/to/images/"

Note: Do not forget the quotes in "/path/to/images"

Docker Usage for undistorting images

This assumes you already have the distortion and matrix parameters. Put the matri.txt and distortion.txt in their own directory (eg. sample/config) and do the following:


docker build -t cc_undistort .

Run: (using sample images in this example)

docker run -v ~/CameraCalibration/sample/images:/app/images \
           -v ~/CameraCalibration/sample/config:/app/config \
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