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Provider Configuration for DigitalOcean

Example configuration file:

    "provider": "digitalocean",
    "accessToken": "CHANGEME",
    "s3": {
        "accessKey": "CHANGEME",
        "secretKey": "CHANGEME",
        "endpoint" :"",
        "bucket": "CHANGEME",
        "ignoreSSL": false

    "createRetries": 10,
    "maxRuntime": -1,
    "maxUploadTime": -1,
    "dropletsLimit": 30,
    "region": "sfo2",
    "image": "ubuntu-16-04-x64",
    "tags": ["clusterodm"],

    "snapshot": false,
    "engineInstallUrl": "\"\"",

    "imageSizeMapping": [
        {"maxImages": 40, "slug": "s-2vcpu-2gb"},
        {"maxImages": 250, "slug": "s-4vcpu-8gb"},
        {"maxImages": 500, "slug": "s-6vcpu-16gb"},
        {"maxImages": 1500, "slug": "s-8vcpu-32gb"},
        {"maxImages": 2500, "slug": "s-16vcpu-64gb"},
        {"maxImages": 3500, "slug": "s-20vcpu-96gb"},
        {"maxImages": 5000, "slug": "s-24vcpu-128gb"}
    "minImages": -1,

    "addSwap": 1,
    "dockerImage": "opendronemap/nodeodm"
Field Description
accessToken DigitalOcean API Access Token
s3 S3 keys and bucket configuration
dropletsLimit Maximum number of droplets that are allowed to run at the same time. Set to -1 for no limit.
createRetries Number of attempts to create a droplet before giving up. Defaults to 1.
maxRuntime Maximum number of seconds a droplet is allowed to run ever. Set to -1 for no limit.
maxUploadTime Maximum number of seconds a droplet is allowed to receive file uploads. Set to -1 for no limit.
region Region identifier where the droplets should be created.
monitoring Set to true to enable monitoring on the droplet.
tags List of tags to associate to the droplet.
image Image identifier (from public images) or snapshot identifier (private) if snapshot is set to true (see below).
snapshot When set to true, image refers to a snapshot in the user account instead of an image name. Useful to speed up boot time if you already have a droplet with the docker image preloaded.
sshKey Optionally specify an existing DigitalOcean SSH fingerprint and private key path instead of generating new keys.
imageSizeMapping Max images count to droplet size mapping. The autoscaler will pick a droplet size based on the number of images of the incoming task. Use this to control what size of droplet should correspond to which image count. The least powerful droplet able to process a certain number of images is always selected. Valid slug identifiers are available from Digital Ocean's API list all sizes
minImages Minimum number of images that a dataset needs to have for the autoscaler to be used (-1 = no minimum).
addSwap Optionally add this much swap space to the droplet as a factor of total RAM (RAM * addSwap). A value of 1 sets a swapfile equal to the available RAM.
dockerImage Docker image to launch