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Common Errors

  1. ImportError: No module named ecto
  • Make sure your environment variables are set correctly. You can replace python with ./ followed by your normal parameters and that will set the environment variables for that run.
  1. [ERROR] You must put your pictures into an <images> directory
  • Your project path must look like this:
|-- images
    |-- IMG_0001.jpg
    |-- IMG_0002.jpg
|-- gcp_list.txt
  1. ImportError: No module named csfm
  • Your install of OpenSfM may have failed. You can reinstall it manually:
cd /path/to/OpenDroneMap/SuperBuild/src/opensfm
python build
  1. [ERROR] quitting cause: /code/SuperBuild/install/bin/pmvs2 /code/pmvs/recon0/ option-0000 returned with code 35072.
  • The most likely reason for this error is that you ran out of memory. You can upgrade your RAM or adjust your CMVS/PMVS settings for better memory management:

    • --resize-to will reduce the size of the images and the overall memory cost
    • Reduce --cmvs-maxImages to the smallest number possible without causing CMVS to run on an infinite loop. This will take trial and error, though.
  1. OpenSfM is taking a really long time
  • If you are using a hyperthreaded processor, you will have to reduce the number of cores OpenSfM uses to the number of physical cores you have (or fewer). This is trivial on a vagrant machine: in your Vagrantfile, reduce the cores allocation to 1 or 2 minus the number of physical cores you have. Otherwise, you will
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