Output and Results

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The output from OpenDroneMap produces subfolders in the project folder.

|-- images/
    |-- img-1234.jpg
    |-- ...
|-- images_resize/
    |-- img-1234.jpg
    |-- ...
|-- opensfm/
    |-- see mapillary/opensfm repository for more info
    |-- depthmaps/
        |-- merged.ply                  # Dense Point cloud (not georeferenced)
|-- odm_meshing/
    |-- odm_mesh.ply                    # A 3D mesh
    |-- odm_meshing_log.txt             # Output of the meshing task. May point out errors.
|-- odm_texturing/
    |-- odm_textured_model.obj          # Textured mesh
    |-- odm_textured_model_geo.obj      # Georeferenced textured mesh
    |-- texture_N.jpg                   # Associated textured images used by the model
|-- odm_georeferencing/
    |-- odm_georeferenced_model.ply     # A georeferenced dense point cloud
    |-- odm_georeferenced_model.ply.laz # LAZ format point cloud
    |-- odm_georeferenced_model.csv     # XYZ format point cloud
    |-- odm_georeferencing_log.txt      # Georeferencing log
    |-- odm_georeferencing_transform.txt# Transform used for georeferencing
    |-- odm_georeferencing_utm_log.txt  # Log for the extract_utm portion
|-- odm_orthophoto/
    |-- odm_orthophoto.png              # Orthophoto image (no coordinates)
    |-- odm_orthophoto.tif              # Orthophoto GeoTiff
    |-- odm_orthophoto_log.txt          # Log file
    |-- gdal_translate_log.txt          # Log for georeferencing the png file

3D Models

pmvs/recon0/models/option-0000.ply -- The point cloud file

odm_meshing/odm_mesh.ply -- The meshed surface


odm_texturing/odm_textured_model.obj -- The textured surface mesh

You can access the point cloud and textured meshes using MeshLab. Open MeshLab, and choose File:Import Mesh and choose your textured mesh from a location similar to the following: odm_texturing\odm_textured_model.obj


odm_texturing/odm_textured_model_geo.obj -- The georeferenced and textured surface mesh

odm_georeferenced_model.ply/laz/csv -- The georeferenced point cloud in different file formats


odm_orthphoto.png -- The orthophoto, but this is a simple png, which don't have any georeferencing information

odm_orthphoto.tif -- GeoTIFF Orthophoto. You can use it in QGIS as a raster layer.

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