The Open Drupal Curriculum. A set of free and open source training materials for web development & Drupal
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UPDATE: July 2018

This project now resurected with a new curriculum focussed on Drupal 8. This work is replaced by the new curriculum repo. This work remains temporarily for reference only and will be deleted.

The Open Drupal Curriculum

Free and Open Source training materials for teaching and learning Drupal.

With cooperation from developers, educators and the community we are building an open source curriculum and set of training material to make it easier to run effective Drupal training programmes and help people get started in the web industry.

The Curriculum

The Curriculum

The curriculum is a roadmap of skills and competencies to aim for when learning to become a Drupal developer. It is split up into several units, each covering a specific topic. Within each unit there is a main aim and several learning outcomes. The curriculum on it's own doesn't teach anything itself - it's a framework to build on top of.


Full Lesson Overview

A collection of workshop style lessons are available to work through. By working through these and working on Drupal projects outside of these lessons, all of the outcomes of the curriculum should be met. Lessons are currently designed to be delivered as one-day workshops within an apprenticeship style programme but can also be used as stand-alone workshops or followed by an individual self-learning.

The Foundation

The Open Drupal Foundation teaches the fundamentals of Drupal before any lessons are started. It's designed for people who are already fairly web literate but have not had any professional web development experience. We dive straight in to building a Drupal site and see some quick results and learn about the Drupal and the open source ecosystem. It's currently designed to be delivered as part of a two week intensive bootcamp.

Part 1:

  1. Introduction
  2. HTML basics
  3. Content management systems
  4. Intro to Drupal
  5. Build a Drupal site
  6. Drupal content management
  7. Site building
  8. Themes
  9. Contributed modules
  10. Build your site

Part 2:

Coming soon... see this issue.

Part 3:

Coming soon... see this issue.