The Open Dungeons master server code. This one will list available games from all around the world. :)
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  1. To store the masterserver url in some ini
    NOTE: this link doesn't exists , and ofc it should be used as variable in upcoming calls)

  2. When someone clicks to host a game, an UUID should be generated and HTTP request should be made to:

  3. Should make constant checks every 1 minute if server is still available:

  4. When game starts:

  5. Then during a game every 1 min another request should be made:

  6. And one when game ends:

Status: (2015/06/12)

For now, this is just a prototype and after this works, we can focus on adding live game stats, better security to prevent abuse etc. And this will show only in a web browser, but i will provide a CSV, json and XML (if you really need this last one), so it can be used in-game.

Legend of statuses

0 = Available, 1 = Game in progress, 2 = Game Over, 3 = Not responding 3 is checked in php/mysql