Drives are not unmounted on reboot/poweroff #1005

escalade opened this Issue Jul 23, 2012 · 4 comments


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Doing a restart or shutdown from OpenELEC with external drive connected results in corruption on my HFS volume. I need to repair it with disk utility on my Mac before OpenELEC mounts it R/W again.

Looking at /etc/init.d/93_xbmc, there is no unmount procedure before doing a poweroff/reboot. This could easily cause corruption on any connected drives, and also the /storage partition.


this is already planned for a release after 2.0


Hope this can get some priority soon.

External drives need to be unmounted on suspend as well. My external USB3 drive with EXT4 gets corrupted during suspend. Journal needs to be replayed and e2fsck shows wrong inode/block count.

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