[Raspberry pi] 1080p DTS streaming issue solved in old build (r11034)?? #1025

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Hi all,

I found out that when i try to stream a 1080p file with DTS over my network it stutters every 5 sec. It happens when i'm using the latest build from Openelec (20120704203304-r11493.tar.bz2)

When i use r11034 (an earlier build) there is no stuttering. I'm not using a external DTS decoder and i'm streaming in both cases with NFS from a NAS over a gigabit network.
I both cases i'm using the same SD card

To generate a smooth playback over the network i used in both cases the following settings in XBMC.

System Setting:
(Video output)
Resolution 1920X1080 @24Hz
24.00 (refreshrate)
Let driver choose

(audio output)
2.0 (speaker conf)
Boost volume level on donwmix is DESELECTED
Dolby Digital AC capital reciever is SELECTED
DTS capable reciever DESELECTED
audio output device HDMI (OMX)
Passtrough output device HDMI (OMX)

What is changed is the latest build what is the cause of this problem?


I have the same experience.
In build r11034 the playback of 1080p/DTS works without stutter and in recent builds it is broken (stutter).
No external DTS decoder is used. So it looks like the Pi can handle this DTS software decoding without stutter.

I use the same settings as Tumke.


I am experiencing better playback performance of 1080p DTS content with r11034 than the newer revisions r1152 and r11650. Settings are almost the same, expect on the refreshrate.

Using an MKV video file, 1080p h264 with 5.1 DTS audio gives me the following results:
24Hz - Not working, jumps back to 60Hz
25Hz - Working, very rare stutters but a lot less than in r1152 and r11650.
60Hz - Working, very rare stutters but a lot less than in r1152 and r11650.

Note: Stuttering might be the result of streaming.

I am streaming from an NFS share, using Windows 7 Pro as host with FreeNFS.exe as NFS server. This may make my results look different than others that are testing with an attached disk or using an Linux NFS share.

Other non standard settings:

  • Locale changed to 'Central Europe', Timezone 'Netherlands'
  • Disabled RSS reader
  • Enabled build in HTTP server for remote commands

I have the same issue. I looks like that the buffering mechanism can not keep up with the high bitrate of the video. Switching from samba to NFS did reduce the problem slightly, but it is still there and the video is still unwatchable.
The video is a 1080p h264 with 5.1. DTS-HD MA audio MKV file (the audio is passed as DTS-core to my receiver, as DTS and not DTS-MA is showing on my receiver)


I am currently using r12080 and don't have any problems anymore. 1080p H.264 DTS using NFS.


closing for now, please report to trac.xbmc.org if this problem still exist

@sraue sraue closed this Nov 25, 2012
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