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New arch: Intel 64bit CPU + nvidia GPU #1213

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It is believed that a large percentage of the current 32bit generic build do so for lack of a more specific build suited to their hardware.

It is still common for Intel + nvidia users to request this build, or clarification on which build to use, via the forum and IRC.

It is also worth noting that for 1-2 years the XBMC semi official recommended hardware was C2D + nvidia and as such there is a large legacy user base in existence as well.


I'm also one of those who's in a need for a Intel CPU 64-bit OpenELEC with nvidia GPU.
Can't understand why for other platforms there support 64bit. While at the same time the most common platform it isn't?!

I'd want to contribute if I only knew how. The documentation on the config files is unknown to me.
And what is code without documentation? Only the half of what open source should be.

Without it people cannot contribute I think..

Anyhow, I really really hope this is becoming also a distribution, or at least a response to my question, with some start suggestions to do it myself.

Rgz, Johan


I'm also questioning this myself since I use releases > 2.0 Beta 4.
Normally the 64-bit ION Builds wouldn't give any problems, but now i'm forced to use the 32-bit Generic Builds despite of my build-in 8GB DDR3.

I am using a Intel® Celeron® SU2300 (dual-core) (1.2 GHz) in combination with NVIDIA ION wich in my opinion should be fully supported in the 64-bit ION Builds.

Please... do fix this Issue, either by adding support for my hardware setup in the ION Builds, or by making a 64-bit Generic Build.

This should really get some more attention.
Thanks in advance!


My system:
Mobo: P5N7A-VM
CPU: Core 2 Quad Q8400
GPU: GeForce 9300GPU
Sound: Realtec ALC1200
4Gb ram.
HDMI is used for sound & video.

Are the ION drivers that similar to the generic drivers for Nvidia? In that case indeed, the 64bit ION build would be my best bet.

Still I'd like to customise my buid. And understand how to do this.

I'd like to minimize tweaking on my installation as much as possible when XMBC or the linux distro upgrades...



To be honest, I'm not that good in kernel coding so I can not confirm which Build would be your best bet.
Maybe, as you described, if there is enough documentation available we could spend some time on fixing this Issue.

Sure is that you don't want to tweak your installation after each time OpenELEC get updated.
For now, I can only wait until hearing is given to our Comments.


You don't need 64bit for openelec. We only supply 32bit for generic because alot of people use it with older hardware and it's just more builds to make.

openelec only uses < 1GB of ram


Very true.

However what I am saying before the request was forked slightly... is that I believe a large percentage of generic users would be serviced by a new build. This should be our aim otherwise why ship many arches at all.

Currently we are missing one key build in my opinion. It is hard to prove since we dont have these stats but I think I have enough evidence to support this.


Plz plz plz.
I'm technical person, and could provide help & contribution.
Can you imagine how frustrating it is to update the xbmc box again when xbmc/linux distro get's outdated?

I maintain friendly solution would be highly appreciated...


64bits generic now exists...

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