Another sound problem : "Failed to initialize your audio device" when A/V sync is enabled #214

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eesprit commented Feb 19, 2012


Since some (devel) releases, some users ( have a problem with sound when playing movies and when A/V sync is enabled.

Not sure if the problem is related to the other sound problems (issues #201, #153), perhaps it's a recent change in the linux kernel or alsa modules... or not.
I am creating a new issue report and not using #153 because it seems there are two differents problems :

  1. sound not working at all, or randomly
  2. no sound in video when A/V sync is enabled <= this is this one I am reporting here

Sounds in xbmc menu are working, playing audio files is working too, but when launching a movie, the message "Failed to initialize your audio device. Check your audiosettings" pops-up, and then there is no sound anymore (even in the menu after stopping the video player).
Disabling the A/V sync in video settings make the problem go away (but that is not a good solution).

r9455 was working nice (perhaps other newer versions were working Ok too, but I can't say, I moved from r9455 to r9735, then r9792, r9798... perhaps we need to do some bisection tests to find since when the problem is here).

Most users who have problem seems to have ION based hardware.
In my case, a Zotac HD-ND22 (ION + Celeron CPU)

xbmc.log (in debug mode) :
dmesg + aplay -l + lspci + lsmod :
I don't have a customized asound.conf (if that matters).

I can provide any other information needed.
I can also help in bisecting the differents releases to find when (since what change) this problem is present (I just need to know how to checkout a specific release with git...).

Thanks for your help.

tompen- commented Feb 19, 2012

To checkout a specific release in git, the command is:
git checkout xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Replace xxxxxxx with the commit SHA that can be found to the right of the commit description on this page:

idtjes3 commented Feb 20, 2012

Hello, eesprit

I have the exact same problem on the exact same system (ND-22). So glad I'm not alone. For now, just like you , I have disabled sync playback to display, But I am experiencing video judder/slow down every 5-10 minutes or so ( issue with 24hz?). I am currently on a generic build r9824. I am using a custom asound.conf. too. Also in order to get sound to work even without sync playback to display disabled, in the audio settings I had to change my settings (output and pass through) from HDMI to plughw:0,3. I'm not much of a debugger, but I'd be willing to help out with logs.

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eesprit commented Feb 25, 2012

I am pretty sure the problem is in xbmc eden beta 3, so not related to openelec.


newphreak commented Feb 25, 2012

Thanks, it is.


cristim commented Apr 2, 2012

So is there a way to fix/work around it?

I ended up creating a custom asoundrc file with dmix enabled, but so far I could only get it to work in 2.1 mode and with 2.1 speakers out of my 5.1 setup, so half of my sound system is unused.

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