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Fixes for build of libhid #342

wants to merge 4 commits into from

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I'm on Ubuntu 11.10, with a fresh clone OpenELEC.

I had the problem that is reported in this thread:
looks like the fix was never committed.

Also: there is a bug in automake that for me lead to an error during the "make install" step for libhid.
I added the patch that fixes this bug.



it seems libhid includes a old version from m4/swig_python.m4. instead using sed here please try:
1. patching out (remove m4/swig_python.m4) or (maybe better):
2. patching m4/swig_python.m4 so it looks like the ax_swig_python.m4 file from autotools-archive package or (maybe the best solution:
3: remove m4/swig_python.m4 and include m4/ax_swig_python.m4 with the file from autotools-archive package

can you test this 3 solutions?


Did option 3. More work than expected, but it seems to work now.


Just to make clear what I did here: Added a patch to the "patches" folder that

  • Replaced 3 files in /m4 with the newer ax_* versions
  • Changed thes the call to SWIG_PYTHON with AX_SWIG_PYTHON

Care to squash commits for cleaner history?


See Pull Request 354, didn't figure out how to change this one.

@JonasRauch JonasRauch closed this
@stefansaraev stefansaraev referenced this pull request from a commit in stefansaraev/
@sraue sraue libhid: fix autoreconf macros, disable build with swig support. this …
…should fix #342, this should fix #354, this should fix #876

Signed-off-by: Stephan Raue <>
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