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config/path: removed erroneous brackets #983

merged 1 commit into from Jul 17, 2012

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@sraue sraue merged commit 5a7d126 into OpenELEC:master Jul 17, 2012

Did you check what happens with this change? Probably you didn't or it could be that my 2 systems behaves differently.
What looks like error doesn't mean it really is :-)

Ok, it seems my change works only in bash but not in dash. Seems we need better fix.

Whats about

if [ "$(echo $PKG_DIR |wc -w)" -gt "1" ]; then
It only give false positives if we have targets with spaces in...

EDIT: sorry, the backticks don't show up - so I used the meta "$(...)"

What about

if [ "${PKG_DIR}" != "$(echo $PKG_DIR | tr -d '\n')" ]; then
  echo "Error - multiple package folders:"
  echo "$PKG_DIR"
  exit 1
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