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kodi-addon-xvdr: update to kodi-addon-xvdr-c5eff57

@sraue next time pls dont cherry-pick my stuff to stables without testing.
while the 'broken' xvdr was 'fine' on master. it's NOT fine on 5.0.
If I wanted it there, I would push myself (if it was a crashandburn fix) or
open a PR..

now you've got shitstorm of existing xvdr users crash-looping after
upgrade to 5.0.7.. enjoy.

ref #4055
latest commit 52753dae34
@stefansaraev stefansaraev authored
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3rdparty tntnet: update to tntnet-2.2.1
addons vdr-addon: add PKG_ADDON_PROVIDES= option
audio looks like it's added on 1.0.29, not sure about USB Soundblaster HD
compress xz: update to xz-5.2.1
databases sqlite: update to sqlite-autoconf-3080803
debug gdb: update to gdb-7.9
devel glib: update to glib-2.42.2
graphics mesa: update to mesa-10.5.2
lang llvm: update to llvm-3.6.0
linux-drivers Downgrade wetekdvb driver to 20150305, because it seems newer one cau…
linux-firmware projects/WeTek_Play: Add Bluetooth support
linux linux: update to linux-3.19.3
mediacenter kodi-addon-xvdr: update to kodi-addon-xvdr-c5eff57
multimedia Merge pull request #4039 from mrdominuzq/ffmpeg-cleanup
network wireless-regdb: update to wireless-regdb-2015.03.13
oem oem: rework PKG_DEPENDS, replace and merge PKG_BUILD_DEPENDS_* with P…
print/freetype freetype: update to freetype-2.5.5
python Mako: depends on MarkupSafe:host
security libgcrypt: update to libgcrypt-1.6.3
sysutils busybox: enable more applets/features
testing testing: rework PKG_DEPENDS, replace and merge PKG_BUILD_DEPENDS_* wi…
textproc tinyxml2: build with -fPIC
tools bcm2835-bootloader: update to bcm2835-bootloader-ffda51e
unofficial @ 3fb1a28 sync unofficial
virtual Exchange xf86-input-evdev for xf86-input-libinput
wayland libinput: update to libinput-0.13.0
web curl: update to curl-7.41.0
x11 xorg-server: remove upstream patch
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