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Latest commit 57a8808 @CvH CvH libass: update to libass-0.13.1
- still leaks memory but at least up to date (OpenELEC/
- corrected site url
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3rdparty tntnet: add patch to install pkg-config files (from upstream)
addons vdr-addon: bump 7.0.2
audio Merge pull request #4706 from CvH/patch-1
compress packages: update license headers
databases sqlite: update to sqlite-autoconf-3100200
debug gdb: add / to auto-load safe-path
devel Merge pull request #4680 from OpenELEC/package-updates
graphics mesa: update to 11.1.2
lang llvm: update to llvm-3.7.1
linux-drivers drop package: media_build
linux-firmware packages/linux-firmware: Split brcmfmac_sdio-firmware package into tw…
linux linux: add support for AVerTV Volar HD 2
mediacenter Merge pull request #4690 from lrusak/projectm
multimedia libass: update to libass-0.13.1
network Merge pull request #4659 from lrusak/connman-wait-online
oem packages: update license headers
print/freetype freetype: dont install freetype-config to $TOOLCHAIN/bin, this file s…
python Merge pull request #4680 from OpenELEC/package-updates
security libressl: update to 2.2.6
sysutils systemd: update to 229
testing packages: update license headers
textproc libxslt: dont install xslt-config to $TOOLCHAIN/bin, this file should…
tools Merge pull request #4543 from CvH/patch-1
unofficial @ 3fb1a28 sync unofficial
virtual alsa-plugins: not needed anymore
wayland libinput: update to libinput-1.1.5
web Merge pull request #4669 from lrusak/package-updates
x11 xorg-server: update to 1.18.1
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