OpenELEC unofficial addons
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OpenELEC unofficial add-ons

This is the unofficial add-on repo for OpenELEC.


The OpenELEC (unofficial) repo is installed using the repo intaller that can be found in the OpenELEC (official) repo. Please see the installation instructions.


You can add your own add-on packages or add-on repo intallers to this repo by submitting a pull request. Please read the contributing guidelines.


Add-ons in this repository are maintained by the add-on package author and OpenELEC community. OpenELEC project staff are responsible for building add-ons after changes and staging built add-on files for download, but are not responsible for add-on feature fixes, version bumps and other maintenance tasks. If an add-on is broken or needs updating please don't wait for someone else to do the work - submit changes for review!


Add-ons in this repository are supported by the add-on package author and OpenELEC community. Add-on authors are encouraged to provide support via a forum thread in the OpenELEC or Kodi forums - please use Google to find them and ask questions.