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@sfeilmeier sfeilmeier released this Oct 24, 2019 · 30 commits to develop since this release


  • Discovergy Meter: allow configuration via serialNumber and fullSerialNumber c4fef48
  • Updates to ESS BYD Container (#842)
  • Improvements on Sinexcel battery inverter (#856)
  • Improvements on Electric Car charging with KEBA and in Cluster mode (Details in #879)
  • Implement timedata service based on Rrd4j (#890)
  • Introduce new environment variable "". Rrd4j data is stored in this directory
  • "Channel" now keeps the past 100 values in a local cache
  • Channel "Value" now keeps a timestamp of when the value was set
  • Add JSON-RPC requests for QueryHistoricTimeseriesData and QueryHistoricTimeseriesEnergy to JSON/REST Api
  • Improve Soltaro BMS implementation (#886)
    • fix calculation of capacity, adds a config field for module type
    • changes type of control flag channels to boolean channels
    • remoce cell drift recogniton, adds error handling
    • remove cluster version a, it's not used any longer



  • Rework Energymonitor ecd483a
    • smaller size
    • remove state of charge text from Storage
  • remove Grid/Storage/Consumption/Production text
  • add energyflow animation
  • add color grey to outer bars
  • storage graphic is more accurate
  • Fix of SideMenu on IOS devices 6d67802
  • If no Grid Value available show '-' 6d67802
  • Add info text if Edge device is offline in OpenEMS Backend 6d67802
  • Improve Component Create/Update via UI (#910)
    • ComponentManager "create configuration": check for duplicate Component-ID
    • UI install component: suggest next free Component-ID as default value
    • Component create/update: use all space for input field and align text right
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