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@sfeilmeier sfeilmeier released this Nov 21, 2019 · 27 commits to develop since this release


  • new PickDateComponent for selection of history period (#965) thanks @fabianfnc
  • Complete History Rework based on Widgets & Modals like in Live-View (#996) thanks @fabianfnc


  • Implement bridge for M-Bus and ABB B23 meter (#604) thanks @ljonka
  • Add PID filter for Balancing and Peak-Shaving controllers (#949)
  • Add Simulator Datasource for 'Zero' value. Always returns '0'. b39b1e7 This is useful to simulate a Meter or an Ess that is not doing anything.


  • Backend: move handling of JSON-RPC requests to separate handler component. (#994) This assures that all JSON-RPC requests are available from every API interface and avoids duplicated code.


  • Update dependencies for UI, Edge and Backend
  • Update Gradle to v6.0
  • Fix readme for SOCOMEC and B-Control
  • Fix/Update Getting Started Guide. thanks @Anita4Schmid b95907f
  • Enhance '' script b7ece14
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