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@sfeilmeier sfeilmeier released this Dec 19, 2019 · 28 commits to develop since this release


  • Clean OSGi bundles #1024
    • Simpliy bnd.bnd files; bndtools do all the work for us anyway
    • Use new @org.osgi.annotation.bundle.Export annotation instead of bnd Export-Package, see
    • Apply OSGi 7.0.0 everywhere
    • Sort entries in .bndrun and bnd.bnd files alphabetically
    • Remove unncessary files
    • Move io.openems.backend.timedata.core to .api bundle
    • Simplify mbus and modbus bridge API
    • Split meter and pvinverter api bundles
    • Improve 'prepare-commit' tool
  • Update Java and UI dependencies
  • Add 'resolution' to QueryHistoricTimeseriesDataRequest (bab64cf)


  • Add Thermometer-API, OneWire bridge and OneWire-Thermometer implementation (#891)
  • Add Schneider Acti9 Smartlink Electricity Meter (#1014) Thanks @greemo for your first contribution!
  • Add Controllers for Predictive Delay Charge and ESS Sell-To-Grid Limit (for 70 % restriction) (#911) Thanks @venu-sagar


  • General improvements to UI (#1005) Thanks @fabianfnc
    • show '0' instead of '-' in live energymonitor for grid when no grid buy/sell is happening
    • show energy since beginning in Live/EVCS widget when car fully charged
    • round minutes & hours in history channelthreshold widget
    • fix of history total ac chart
    • add 'changes applied/failed' toast message in callback methods for live
    • hide live component widgets while no channel data available & show loading
    • correct calculation of other consumption in history consumption
    • adjust img name for storage_empty_monitor.png in live energy monitor
  • added missing translations to datepicker component in UI (#1019). Thanks @ahummelsberger
  • add second y axis to energymonitor in history to show soc in % (#1025)
  • improvements to formly and history SoC chart (#1027)
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