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@sfeilmeier sfeilmeier released this Feb 15, 2020 · 66 commits to develop since this release



  • Improvements to Simulation capabilities
    • Improve CSV datasource 5443338
      • Move existing CSV Datasource with predefined CSV files to "Simulator DataSource: CSV Predefined"
      • Add new "Simulator.Datasource.CSV.Direct". It allows configuring the CSV content directly in Apache Felix
      • Allow CSV without titles
    • Fix NRC (non-regulated-consumption) meter and Reacting GridMeter: this allows simulating Loads using a simulated NRC Meter 9de12ea
    • Full documentation on this feature is still missing, but it alread proved to be helpful in a university lecture about energy flows. To create a simple, static enery flow with grid, pv production, storage and loads that can be visualized in OpenEMS UI, configure:
      • to simulate a consumption of 5000 W, resulting in buy-from-grid 5000 W grafik
        • Simulator DataSource: CSV Direct
          • Component-ID: "datasource1"
          • Source: "5000"
        • Simulator NRCMeter Acting
          • Component-ID: "meter1"
          • Datasource-ID: "datasource1"
      • Simulator GridMeter Reacting
        • Component-ID: "meter0"
      • to add a production of 10000 W to the simulation, resulting in sell-to-grid 5000 W grafik
        • Simulator DataSource: CSV Direct
          • Component-ID: "datasource2"
          • Source: "10000"
        • Simulator ProductionMeter Acting
          • Component-ID: "meter2"
          • Datasource-ID: "datasource2"
      • to add a battery in self-consumption optimization mode to the simulation, resulting in 0 W grid exchange and battery charging of 5000 W grafik
        • Simulator EssSymmetricReacting
          • Component-ID: "ess0"
        • Controller Balancing Symmetric
          • Component-ID: "ctrlBalancing0"
          • Ess-ID: "ess0"
          • Meter-ID: "meter0"
  • Fix bug in RRD4j Timedata 586460c; thanks to @ahummelsberger
  • Split API Controllers in Read-Only and Read-Write variants: This allows deploying an energy management system by default with a read-only apis
  • ComponentManager: fix OsgiValidateWorker for defective components that get removed. Before OsgiValidateWorker would throw an exception, when a component configuration was removed, but the Component-ID was still considered 'defective' b5759b2
  • Add UUID-helper: add helper function to provide a 'Nil' UUID. See ca0150a


  • UI: Fix refresh config from Edge: do not refresh simultaneously ea86ef6 7dbe4c4
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