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@sfeilmeier sfeilmeier released this Mar 1, 2020 · 53 commits to develop since this release


  • Add Asymmetric Peakshaving Controller (#1051)

  • Add Channel-Single-Threshold Controller (#979)

    • Generic Controller that sets a digital output according to the value of given Channel - e.g. turn a Relay on or off, when configured input channel (e.g. State-of-charge) is above or below a given threshold respectively.
  • Add DefaultConfigurationWorker. Creates default configurations for deployment. (#1054), 88f8033, 6c8880c

    • default config for Controller.Api.Rest.ReadOnly and Controller.Api.ModbusTcp.ReadOnly
  • Fixes and improvements on PID filter (#1059)

    • Add Excel PID Simulator (see doc-folder)
    • Add tests for PidFilter class (created using Excel PID Simulator)
    • Add SetActivePowerEqualsWithPid Channel on ManagedSymmetricEss
    • Fix PID behaviour when close to min/max limits: never reset ErrorSum
    • Drop unused features from PidFilter class
    • Use SetActivePowerEqualsWithPid in Symmetric PeakShaving, Asymmetric PeakShaving and Balancing Controllers
    • Add and fix tests in Symmetric PeakShaving, Asymmetric PeakShaving and Balancing Controllers
  • EdgeConfig: default directory for Edge related files is now c:/openems/ 1ac7ae8

  • EdgeConfig: Fix NullPointerException "ocd.getAttributeDefinitions(filter)" returns an array of attribute definitions or null if no attributes are selected 1dd6734


  • Improvements for Symmetric Peakshaving
  • Add Asymmetric Peakshaving Controller (#1051)
  • General UI adjustments (#1050)
    • hide widget if component is not enabled
    • add charging target to modal evcs widget
    • adjust unitvalue pipe for displaying '-' on null values
    • UI: FEMS-Settings Adjustments (#1036)
      • add button at beginning/middle of array in repeat component
      • add alias to edit config component
      • add icons to profile in fems settings
      • add rework of install components
    • UI Overhaul (7ef9dd4)
      • fix of Expression has changed after it was checked error
      • sorted modules etc.
      • removed unnecessary subscribes
      • reworked energy chart for better visibility
      • reworked widgets to work with components instead of controllers as variable names
      • reworked translation variables for constant notation (camelCase for variables)
    • set edge port 8085 as default environment (#1064)


  • Add documentation for openems edge core bundle (#1054)
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