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@sfeilmeier sfeilmeier released this Mar 13, 2020 · 34 commits to develop since this release


  • Improve logging c875791
    • start pax logging api as early as possible
    • reduce default log level to INFO
    • move logging configuration to DefaultConfigurationWorker
  • Improvements in EdgeConfig handling (#1074) (#1076)
    • remove "isEnabled"; it's already covered by the 'enabled' property
    • improve "getAsText" method
    • Websocket.Api: do not collect EdgeConfig if no websocket is connected
    • Create EdgeConfigFactory that takes care of building and caching EdgeConfig
    • Cache EdgeConfig and only incorporate ConfigurationEvents on Change; improves speed a lot
    • Fix timing issue. Before it could happen, that EdgeConfigFactory would read an old configuration as the OpenEMS Component had not been initialized fast enough.
  • Improve formatting of EdgeConfigDiff
  • Fix handling of disappearing Components
  • Use EventAdmin to distribute updated EdgeConfig
  • Handle update of EdgeConfig by EdgeConfigWorker; this is required to get all available Channels
  • Apply explicit version numbers for dependencies (#1078); also provide slf4j.api, gson and guava per default for every bundle
  • Update Backend, Edge and UI dependencies c9c26ad 18a52aa


  • Fix behaviour of PID filter in low-priority Controllers 3ac5c31
    • This commit fixes a bug that would happen when a Controller that is using a PID filter has lower priority than another Controller; e.g. FixActivePower-Controller with higher priority than PeakShaving-Controller.
    • 1st: there was an issue that low+high limit would not be applied when they are equal - which happens e.g. after FixActivePower
    • 2nd: target value is now reduced to low+high limits before calculation starts; this avoids an always increasing error in above constellation
    • 3rd: when input already equals target; stop early as we are already there
    • also refactored "applyPidFilter" to use integers only; this is required for the "error = 0" clause to work properly
  • Improvements to FENECON DESS (#1067)
    • Set MaxApparentPower and Capacity Channels
  • Fix B-Control meter implementation (#1069)
  • Soltaro Battery Handling Controller (#1075)
  • GoodWe ET write implementation (#1077)
  • Add invert option to CHP-SoC-Controller (#1037)


  • improve layout in UI log view c875791


  • Backport Backend improvements from fems (#1068)
    • improve handling of FileTypeConflicts:
    • Enable conversion of Float and Double to Integer
    • Try again on error (this is required for _property channels)
    • Configure pax logging only if it had not been configured before
    • Reduce logs on startup: introduce "isInitialized" state in Metadata service
    • Allow update of EdgeProductType
    • Clear debug system out printlns
  • improve performance to Postgres database: Use HikariCP: A solid, high-performance, JDBC connection pool 141d605
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