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Echo : Sentiment Analysis

Echo is an open source software for opinion mining about tweet and text. It is principally based on a supervised classification algorithm called (Support Vector Machine SVM). Training data set has been used for training a classification model. Development set has been used for tuning SVM parameters. Testing set has been used to evaluate the performance of the system.

This work was supported by the French Region PACA under the project Agoraweb.


(C) Copyright 2015 by Hussam Hamdan written by Hussam Hamdan. Modified by Mathieu Orban. Modified by Gael Guibon.




See README.txt


Echo is released under the terms of the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE


Hussam Hamdan, Patrice Bellot and Frédéric Béchet. Sentiment Lexicon-Based Features for Sentiment Analysis in Short Text. In Proceeding of tthe 16th International Conference on Intelligent Text Processing and Computational Linguistics. April 14–20, 2015, Cairo, Egypt.