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Translations of OpenEdition TEI documentation
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TEI OpenEdition - localized documentation

This repository contains localized documentation for OpenEdition TEI documentation. It is based on master document placed in phpmyadmin repository.

How to update translations after source update

  1. Update main documentation, pot and po
# Update the submodule (main documentation repo)
git submodule update --recursive --remote
# when a source rst file is added, modified or deleted, update symbolic links in docs/en
# Following commands are executed from 'docs' directory
cd docs
# Build html
# make html
# Build gettext (create .pot)
sphinx-build -b gettext en _build/gettext
# Build po english files
sphinx-intl update -p _build/gettext -l en_US
  1. Edit and update .po files (poedit)
  2. Build html with english translation (for local preview)
sphinx-build -b html -D language=en_US -v en _build/html
  1. git add commit and push to update the remote repo and the readthedocs documentation
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