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SEED Benchmark

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The OEP SEED Benchmark supports Benchmark programs by automting benchmark record data updadates from the Standard Energy Efficiency Data (SEED) Platform in The automation is provided via MuleSoft Anypoint Platform Community Edition API. The MuleSoft API provides one-way data flow, with Property records in SEED updating Benchmark records, and creating Account and Contract records in a Salesforce managed package called the "OEI Package". The OEI Package includes example Benchmark reports and email templates.

This automation was developed to support a pilot project with the City of San Francisco. It is an open source solution that can be configured to meet the needs of other organizations interested in benchmarking data management using SEED and Salesforce.

Get started with: OEP / SEED Benchmark / guides It includes the OEP Benchmark Implementation Guide and OEP User Guide.

"OEI" folder holds the self extracting zip MuleSoft files to be used for Docker.

"mulesoft" folder holds files using the MuleSoft Anypoint Studio to review or edit the MuleSoft files.


The preferred method of deployment is to use docker and docker stack deploy. The docker containers are provided on Docker Hub but can also be built locally for development and testing. In order to use docker, it is recommended to follow the instructions in the docker folder. The instructions include how to configure the configuration files for deployment.


  • Remove spaces from directory names. It can cause some trivial issues with Docker Add Docker instructions to Benchmark Implementation Guide
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