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@@ -7,13 +7,15 @@ Currently Open Emu can load the following game engines as plugins:
* Genesis Plus - adds support for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive
* NeoPop - adds support for Neo Geo Pocket and Neo Geo Pocket Color
* Nestopia - adds support for NES/Famicom
+* FCEU - adds support for NES/Famicom
* SNES9x - adds support for SNES and Super Famicom
* BSNES - adds support for SNES and Super Famicom
* Visualboy Advance - adds support for Game Boy Advance
Open Emu also supports high quality scaling with Open GL, multi-threaded video and audio playback as well as individual features and preferences per game engine, such as NTSC video signal emulation for the Nestopia core.
Minimum system requirements:
* OS X 10.7
* Core 2 Duo Processor
* GMA X3100 Graphics

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