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Open Energy Dashboard

Build Status

Open Energy Dashboard is a user-friendly way to display energy information from smart energy meters, designed and built by faculty and students at Beloit College. It is designed for institutions of higher education, and is optimized for non-technical users with a simple interface that provides access to your institution's energy data through the powerful Chart.js data graphing system. To learn more, see our website.

Open Energy Dashboard is available under the Mozilla Public Licence v2, and contributions, in the form of bug reports, feature requests, and code contributions, are welcome.

Installation and Usage


Built With

Chart.js - JavaScript library used to generate data charts (

PostgreSQL - Database management system (

Node.js - JavaScript runtime environment (


This application was created by a team of Beloit College CS students led by Prof. Steven Huss-Lederman

For a list of contributors, click here


This project is licensed under the MPL version 2.0.

See the full licensing agreement here


We welcome others to contribute to this project by writing code for submission or collaborating with us. Before contributing, please sign our Contributor License Agreement here. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email us at


To contact us, send an email to or open an issue on GitHub.