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Welcome to the ontology wiki!

How to participate

Use Cases

This ontology is designed to improve the transparency and communicability of these processes. In order to gather the specific needs of different users, a number of use cases have been formulated here.

Best Practice Principles

Based on the book Building Ontologies with Basic Formal Ontology by Robert Arp, Barry Smith and Andrew D. Spear, MIT Press 2015, some best practice principles are derived for the OEO. The collection is a guideline for OEO developers and reviewers to achieve and maintain a high quality of the ontology. Read more

Structure of the OEO

A description of the modules, classes and structures the OEO is built of.


Tutorials on how to set up Protégé, test the ontology, use OwlViz and more.

Handling Protégé

Protégé is a free, open source ontology editor and a knowledge management system. Protégé provides a graphic user interface to define ontologies.

How to change settings to numerical identifiers

We just changed to numerical identifiers, please change your protégé settings accordingly.


The oeo workflow


Documentation of OEO-dev-meetings

The documentation can be found here.

OEO Steering Committee

Information about the Steering Committee.

Openmod Discussion

During the Openmod Workshop in Zürich there was a working group on the common ontology.


Documentation and links to press releases and other outreach.