OpenEstate-IS24-REST 0.2.2

@pinhead84 pinhead84 released this Mar 19, 2015 · 149 commits to master since this release

This release fixes a possible problem with attachment ordering and introduces some minor changes / improvements. This version is used in OpenEstate-ImmoTool 1.0-beta35.


new features

  • Store the value of L-IS24-RequestRefnum header for failing requests into
    the RequestFailedException (for low level exports) and ExportMessage
    (for bulk exports). In case of problems with a certain request, one can
    provide the corresponding number to IS24 together with a support request.
    This allows IS24 to track the error / problem much easier and to provide
    better support for their users.


  • If a transferred property provides more attachments than allowed by the
    webservice, an incorrect ordering of attachments may occur. We should make
    sure, that attachments are always send to the webservice in the correct
    order. This guarantees, that the title image is always properly transferred
    and only attachments from the end of the list are rejected / ignored.


  • Made some API improvements & documentations.
  • Updated dependencies jaxb2-basics-runtime 0.9.3, slf4j 1.7.10 & junit 4.12.
  • Changed signature of some protected logging functions in


  • Changed signature of the constructor in