These scripts are used by OpenEstate-ImmoTool to publish real estates at a website.
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OpenEstate-PHP-Export 1.6.36

OpenEstate-PHP-Export was developed as a part of the freeware real estate software OpenEstate-ImmoTool. When a user exports his properties to his website in PHP format, these scripts are transferred to the webspace including real estate data in the data folder. This solution started as an experiment, how to publish real estates from OpenEstate-ImmoTool on a website with as minimal effort as possible for the user.


  • listing view of multiple real estates (see index.php)
    • filter listings by different criterias (see include/class.filter_*.php)
    • order listings by different criterias (see include/class.order_*.php)
  • detailled view of a single real estate (see expose.php)
  • a lot of configuration options (see config.php & myconfig.php)
  • open source wrapper modules for WordPress, CMS made simple, WebsiteBaker / BlackCat CMS / LEPTON CMS & Joomla available



This solution works entirely without a database. Therefore more complex queries on the exported real estates may not be possible with acceptable performance. We're planning a complete revision of the PHP-export for the future, that also provides capabilities to store exported objects into a database like MySQL.


GNU General Public License 3


  • increase minimal PHP version to 5.2 or 5.3
  • fix PHP notice / deprecation issues
  • complete API documentation in english language
  • make API documentation publicly available (via phpDocumentor or apigen)