OpenEstate-Tool-HelloWorld 1.0-beta35

@pinhead84 pinhead84 released this Mar 23, 2015 · 45 commits to master since this release

In the last few years the API of OpenEstate-ImmoTool 1.0-beta changed quite a lot. Therefore we had to rework our previously released HelloWorld addon at some points.

The plugin was built against OpenEstate-ImmoTool 1.0-beta35. It should also work with later versions as long as the API does not change. In case of incompabilities we're going to provide an update of the HelloWorld addon.

The released can be placed into the plugins folder of your OpenEstate-ImmoTool installation. After the application was started you can enable the new addon in your project via Main Menu » Extras » Addons.


  • migrated to the environment of OpenEstate-ImmoTool 1.0-beta35
  • internationalization / translation via gettext
  • GUI components without any graphical form builders
  • simplified plugin environment
  • improved build process (separate profiles for development and release)
  • cleanup pom.xml according POM conventions