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OpenEstate-Tool-Server 1.0.0

OpenEstate-Tool-Server (also called OpenEstate-ImmoServer) provides a HSQLDB server, that may be used for multi user installations of OpenEstate-ImmoTool.

This project

  • extends the default HSQLDB server with some features.
  • provides several startup scripts / executables / application bundles for Windows, macOS and Linux.
  • bundles commons-daemon to run the database as a Windows service.
  • provides scripts to run the database as a systemd service on Linux systems.
  • provides scripts to run the database as a launchd agent on macOS systems.
  • provides an application to create a keystore for SSL encrypted database access.
  • provides a GUI & console application for database administration.



Take a look at for the full changelog.


This library is licensed under the terms of Apache License, Version 2.0. Take a look at LICENSE.txt for the license text.

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