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F2 1.4.0

Released April 2, 2015

This is high-level, for specific detail review the 1.4.0 milestone and PR #142.

  • Review and update all 3rd party libs used in F2.js - #106
  • Update Bootstrap dependencies to include v3.0 support
  • Update example Containers to use Bootstrap 3 - #189
  • Update iOS Container (demo app) to use Bootstrap 3
  • Update copyright(s) and licenses for 2015
  • Add "App Placeholders" - #169
  • Updated App script & style dependencies once loader so files are loaded once - #201
  • App scripts can execute out of order in IE8 & 9 - #171
  • Fixed issues specific to IE 8 - #182
  • Add i18n support in F2 - #111, #193
  • F2 script error when using with jQuery in no conflict mode - #232
  • Completely overhaul and redesign docs - #195
  • Updated readme and contributing guidelines
  • Extra dose of magic pixie dust applied for performance enhancements and miscellaneous bug squashing
  • Added new unit tests

F2 1.3.3

Released April 7, 2014

  • Added an option to overload the default F2 dependency loader - #154
  • Updated F2 spec with documentation and examples for overriding dependency loader
  • Added version 2 notice & links to GitHub project on F2 docs
  • A couple of devDependencies updated
  • Added more robust cross-domain unit testing with Heroku instance

F2 1.3.2

Released November 18, 2013

  • Fixed #143 - F2.log reports {{sdk.version}}
  • Fixed #145 - IE10 resolves scripts before they're loaded

F2 1.3.1

Released October 15, 2013

F2 1.3.0

Released September 16, 2013

  • Fixed #11 by replacing jQuery.ajax with document.createElement('script')
  • Updated the example containers when using IE
  • Fixed #35 with a new Grunt task
  • Added a grunt packages task for compiling the F2 packages with a single command
  • Fixed #122
  • Added debugMode option to F2.ContainerConfig enabling some additional logging
  • Updated the F2.log API per #123 while we continue to evaluate suggestions in #91
  • Removed the duplicate readme content on the SDK docs landing page, replaced it with a redirect to the F2 class.
  • Fixed #131
  • Fixed #133
  • Fixed an issue where the example container's apps weren't revealing their menus
  • Upgraded example container Bootstrap, jQuery and jQuery UI libraries

F2 1.2.1

Released August 8, 2013

  • Added 4 new custom F2.js packages which omit various third party libraries depending on need:
    • f2.basic.js
  • Added F2.js docs for new packages
  • Examples zip file Grunt task fixed (previously created a 444kb archive with zero contents on PC)
  • Changed the upgrading notes
  • Closed #103
  • Added section to Docs discussing how each AppID gets lowercased by F2
  • Closed #101 which introduced createStyleSheet usage
  • Deleted F2.js in the repo root, added F2-latest.js
  • Added JS comment banner to first line of combined F2.js files showing version and date
  • Fixed missing banner comment and license for EventEmitter
  • Replaced the full Bootstrap javascript library with only bootstrap-modal.js in the example containers.
  • Fixed #110
  • Readme updates
  • Other minor documentation updates, fixes

For full details and the commit history, review pull request #109 and all Issues associated with the 1.2.1 milestone.

F2 1.2

Released June 7, 2013

F2 1.2 is a major release and includes numerous feature enhancements, roadmap items, a simpler toolkit for contributing developers, and bug fixes. For full details and the commit history, review #69.


  • F2 is now licensed under the Apache License 2.0 (previously MIT).
    • Why? Primarily, the Apache v2.0 license is a more robust and detailed license. It is an industry-wide accepted standard license which encourages collaboration amongst the software developer community. Unlike the MIT license, the Apache license provides that contributions to the licensed work, if accepted, are made with the express understanding that they will become part of the original, licensed work. Simply said, this is great news for F2 and the F2 community as the Apache license affords more protections around centralized and contributed open source code.
  • Added source map support for F2.js, #28, #76
  • F2.js is now JSHinted, #74, #78
  • Added completely new properties in F2.init() for overriding the AppManifest request process in F2.js. This notable addition allows Container Developers to use HTTP POST and to manipulate the XMLHTTPRequest object (for example, adding custom HTTP headers). #59, #90
  • Added support for using preloaded apps in the Container Developers' toolkit. Incorporating apps which have been pre-loaded or are otherwise already on the container when it loads is an alternative method to integrating F2 apps. This method is useful when the container is being constructed on the server-side (at run-time or on a schedule) and F2 functionality is desired. #68, #88, #93, #97
  • Introduced F2.AppHandlers functionality which provides Container Developers a higher level of control over configuring app rendering and interaction. #4, #38, #85, #66, #97, #104, #105, #107
  • Added new downloadable archive for examples
  • Upgrade notes were added to the F2.js SDK page in the Docs.


  • Upgraded all F2 examples to use F2.AppHandlers
  • Added dynamic rows in example container, #20, #82
  • Various example app updates
  • Upgraded examples to Bootstrap 2.3.1


  • We've significantly upgraded the project build scripts and in the process enhanced the toolkit available to contributing developers. The F2 project now uses Grunt, JSHint, and a streamlined npm installer based on the package.json.
  • The suite of unit tests was increased by from 22 specs to almost 90.
  • Expanded continuous integration testing supported by Travis-CI.
  • The Jasmine-powered unit test scripts now include a Node Express server for more robust specs.
  • Updated readme documents and other contributor documentation.


  • Bug Fixes
  • #71
  • #77
  • #79
  • #80
  • #81
  • The _createAppInstance function does not behave the same as it does in 1.1. In 1.1 it created the instance like new F2.Apps[appId](appConfig, appContent, appRoot);. In 1.2, it is no longer passing the appContent but instead the html for the app: new F2.Apps[appId](appConfig, appHtml, appRoot). This was made backwards compatible with 1.1.

For full details and the commit history, review pull request #69 and all Issues associated with the 1.2 milestone.

F2 1.1.2

Released April 8, 2013

  • #37 - Add CSS namespacing rules to spec for Container Developers
  • #43 - Investigate adding Continuous Integration
  • #44 - Inlines not evaled if a script is not included
  • #47 - Example app Chart: remove dependency on "$.browser"
  • #48 - Delegate events in HelloWorld example app
  • #54 - Example compare tool
  • #55 - Can't pass single AppManifest into F2.registerApps
  • #64 - Create tag for all stable releases when they are phased out.

For full details and the commit history, review pull request #65 and all Issues associated with the 1.1.2 milestone.

F2 1.1.1

Released March 18, 2013

  • #51 - Version number broken in 1.1
  • #52 - Bootstrap modals not minified

For full details and the commit history, review pull request #56 and all Issues associated with the 1.1.1 milestone.

F2 1.1

Released March 7, 2013

  • Merging previously separate Specification and F2.js versions into simultaneous releases
  • Support for AMD module loading, #25
  • More unit tests for F2.js, following #23
  • Typos and other minor changes
  • Bug fixes

For full details and the commit history, review pull request #36 and all Issues associated with the 1.1 milestone.

Previous Releases

For releases prior to F2 1.1, we had separate tracks for the Docs and the SDK. Starting with the 1.1 release and going forward, we combined releases into a single channel for easier distribution and use of F2.



Released February 1, 2013

  • Updated Basics > Who (Advisory Board)
  • Fixed #16
  • Fixed #18
  • Updated to copyright 2013
  • Typos and other minor changes


Released December 11, 2012

  • Fixed #14
  • Addition of more complex Context examples
  • Addition of Context > Container-to-App (Server)
  • Updated markitdown templates
  • Added new F2 Basic App sample download (zip)
  • Changed appShell to appRoot in Getting Started sample code
  • Typos and other minor changes


Released November 11, 2012

  • All new 'Get Started' sections under App & Container Development
  • New ‘F2 Basic App Template’ download
  • Added more-specific code snippets throughout docs
  • Added line numbers to all code snippets
  • Javascript & CSS tweaks to docs templates
  • Typos in docs
  • Readme update
  • Released with SDK 1.0.1


Released October 24, 2012.

  • Sample app fixes
  • Docs:
    • Link/URL updates
    • Language updates


Released October 16, 2012.

  • Sample app fixes
  • Example container script updates
  • Docs link/URL updates


Initial release. October 15, 2012



Released February 1, 2013

  • Added extra error handling to F2.registerApps
  • Fixed #17
  • Changed all references of $ to jQuery (no conflict)
  • Added .gitattributes and LF normalization
  • Added baseline F2.js unit testing powered by Jasmine (more to come!)


Released December 11, 2012

  • Enhancement #12


Released November 11, 2012


Initial release. October 15, 2012

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