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This roadmap was assembled largely based on feedback received from the F2 community. If you have anything you'd like to see added, removed or moved from one release to another, let us know and we'll discuss it. For the F2 release history, review the Releases.

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F2 1.4

See Pull Request #142 and milestone 1.4.0.

  • Simplify App integration
  • Add i18n support
  • Tune performance of App dependency loading
  • Update 3rd party dependencies
  • Fix outstanding bugs/issues
  • Redesign docs to match new website

F2 1.5

Goal to release in 2015. See milestone 1.5.0.

  • Modularize source files and components
  • Refine (and possibly redesign) plugin architecture
  • Deprecate features already supported in browsers
  • Reorganize project structure on GitHub
  • Modify source code to more closely align with coding standards
  • Remove Twitter Bootstrap JavaScript dependency from F2.js and move F2.UI.Modals to a F2.js plugin.
  • Evaluate building F2 adapters for proprietary frameworks
  • Add Bower package

F2 1.6

  • Establish F2 Open Identifier
  • Registry schemas, Registry API suite, Developer Center out of BETA
  • Add F2.js APIs for Registry web services for dynamic app integration for Container Developers
  • Introduce targeted Context messaging to and from apps, and broader security model for F2 Containers
  • Implement structured Context message protocol based on FIX, OFX or similar. FIX is a leading candidate.
  • To simplify developing with FIX or similar, add the most common field types to the Docs and F2.js constants.
  • Using an experimental namespace (such as F2X) or within a fork:
    • Evaluate container and app asset dependency management via AMD and/or has.js. See #29. This could to introduce compatibility issues and cause a full version 2.0 release.

F2 1.7

  • Add support for authentication protocols such as OAuth, OpenID or SAML. Note: This will not include how to authenticate but rather define requirements. For example, if you wanted to use the SAML protocol, the F2 specification will outline what steps you’d need to take to ensure your F2-enabled solution work with SAML.
  • Expand, clarify and define boundaries and responsibilities for container & app entitlements. This means identifying who is responsible for entitling what and where at what level.
  • Implement container and app asset dependency management via AMD and/or has.js. See #29
  • Remove jQuery dependency in F2.js per #39


Contributions to the Roadmap

Contributions or suggested modifications to this roadmap can be made by submitting an Issue here on GitHub or by emailing