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cd ${0%/*} || exit 1 # run from this directory
wmakeCheckPwd "$WM_PROJECT_DIR/src" || {
echo "Error: Current directory is not \$WM_PROJECT_DIR/src"
echo " The environment variables are inconsistent with the installation."
echo " Check the OpenFOAM entries in your dot-files and source them."
exit 1
[ -n "$FOAM_EXT_LIBBIN" ] || {
echo "Error: FOAM_EXT_LIBBIN not set"
echo " Check the OpenFOAM entries in your dot-files and source them."
exit 1
set -x
# update OpenFOAM version strings if required
wmakePrintBuild -check || /bin/rm -f OpenFOAM/Make/*/global.? 2>/dev/null
wmakeLnInclude OpenFOAM
wmakeLnInclude OSspecific/${WM_OSTYPE:-POSIX}
Pstream/Allwmake $*
wmake $makeType OpenFOAM
wmake $makeType fileFormats
wmake $makeType triSurface
wmake $makeType meshTools
wmake $makeType edgeMesh
wmake $makeType surfMesh
# Decomposition methods needed by dummyThirdParty
# dummyThirdParty (dummy metisDecomp, scotchDecomp etc) needed by e.g. meshTools
dummyThirdParty/Allwmake $*
wmake $makeType finiteVolume
wmake $makeType lagrangian/basic
wmake $makeType lagrangian/distributionModels
wmake $makeType genericPatchFields
# Build the proper scotchDecomp, metisDecomp etc.
parallel/Allwmake $*
wmake $makeType conversion
wmake $makeType sampling
wmake $makeType dynamicMesh
wmake $makeType dynamicFvMesh
wmake $makeType topoChangerFvMesh
wmake $makeType ODE
wmake $makeType randomProcesses
thermophysicalModels/Allwmake $*
transportModels/Allwmake $*
turbulenceModels/Allwmake $*
wmake $makeType combustionModels
regionModels/Allwmake $*
lagrangian/Allwmake $*
postProcessing/Allwmake $*
mesh/Allwmake $*
fvAgglomerationMethods/Allwmake $*
wmake $makeType fvMotionSolver
wmake $makeType engine
# ----------------------------------------------------------------- end-of-file