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fanFvPatchField -> fanPressureJumpFvPatchScalarField: for consistency…

… with fanPressureFvPatchScalarField

    This boundary condition provides a pressure jump condition, using
    the \c cyclic condition as a base.

    The jump is specified as a \c Function1 type, to enable the use of, e.g.
    constant, polynomial, table values. This boundary condition can operate
    in two modes - standard and backward compatibility.
    In standard mode, jump is specified as a function of total volumetric
    flow rate through the patch. In backward compatibility mode, the boundary
    conditions serves as a direct replacement for the fanFvPatchField, where
    jump is defined as a function of local velocity.

        Property     | Description             | Required    | Default value
        patchType    | underlying patch type should be \c cyclic| yes |
        fanCurve     | fan curve, e.g. \c csvFile | yes      |
        jumpTable    | jump data (backward compatibility mode) | no       |
        reverse      | reverse jump direction  | no | false
        phi          | flux field name         | no          | phi
        rho          | density field name      | no          | rho

    Example of the boundary condition specification:
        type            fan;
        patchType       cyclic;
        fanCurve       csvFile;
            hasHeaderLine   1;
            refColumn       0;
            componentColumns 1(1);
            separator       ",";
            file           "$FOAM_CASE/constant/pressureVsQ";
        value           uniform 0;

    The above example shows the use of a comma separated (CSV) file to specify
    the jump condition.

Contributed by Daniel Jasinski
Resolves bug-report
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Henry Weller
Henry Weller committed Nov 14, 2018
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