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Welcome to OpenFRC's RoboGo project! The aim of this project is to bring Go Lang into the FRC community of languages. At the moment, the languages available to FRC coincide with the most widely used languages. That is, the most widely used a few years ago.

There has been a decline in popularity of languages like C++ and Java, which is understandable. Anyone who has spent more than a few days in 'The Land of C++' will know manual memory management is a beast to be feared for the inexperienced programmer. The experience for Java isn't too much better; being a managed language comes with some advantages, but nothing will truly rival the speed of statically compiled code.


This is where Golang comes into play. Started as a project from Google (some pretty smart people) in 2009, Golang has been growing in popularity as of late. This is not without good reason; Go brings together the beauty of Java, with the speed of C++, and the simplicity of more modern languages. The one problem with Go, is it's current market space is in web. This project intents to change that perspective, to make Go a more mainstream alternative to the Java's and Cs of the world.


At the moment, we are a small team of dedicated programmers, and always looking for people who share a love of go and FIRST robotics, and wish to join the ecosystem of OpenFRC. Any contributions would be graciously accepted, be it time, advice, or marketing help. As we are a small team, we may be lacking people who specialize in certain fields, such as networking, low-level hardware interfacing and more.

Contact Info

If you wish to help contribute or have any questions, please contact me at zero_frost@protonmail.com, or on Discord on the official FRC Server (discord.gg/frc).