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Access the hidden features of your Expansion Hub!
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NOTE: SDK v4.x is required to use this

NOTE: an OpenRC-based SDK is NOT required to use this

NOTE: scroll down for installation instructions


Use this at your own risk. You accept the possibility that using these extra features may cause the SDK to implode and cause you lose F-3 at worlds. That being said, I used a few of these features in competition this past season without any issues.

What extra functionality does this add to the SDK?

  • Setting the LED color on the Hub

  • Setting the speed of the I2C buses on the Hub

  • Querying for total module current draw

  • Querying for servo bus current draw [ broken: REV firmware bug ]

  • Querying for GPIO bus current draw

  • Querying for I2C bus current draw

  • Querying for individual motor channel current draw

  • Reading the 5v monitor

  • Reading the 12v monitor

  • Queying for the internal temperature inside the Hub [ broken: unknown units ]

  • Query whether the Expansion Hub is in an over-temp condition

  • Query whether each individual motor H-bridge is over-temp

  • Query whether phone charging is enabled [ broken: REV firmware bug ]

  • Enable or disable phone charging

  • Setting servo pulse width directly in microseconds

  • Reading certain data in bulk from the Hub (can increase your control loop speed)

    The following data can be read in one go:

    • All 4 encoder counts
    • All 4 encoder velocities
    • All digital pins
    • All all analog pins
    • Is motor at target position for all 4 motors
  • Query whether a motor has "lost counts" [ broken: no idea what this actually does ]

  • Query for which firmware version the Hub has installed

  • Query for which hardware revision the Hub is

How do I install this?

  1. Open your FTC SDK Android Studio project

  2. Open the build.common.gradle file:


  3. Add jcenter() to the repositories block at the bottom:


  4. Open the build.gradle file for the TeamCode module:


  5. At the bottom, add this:

     dependencies {
         //NOTE: this is the correct version, the below screenshot is outdated
         compile 'org.openftc:rev-extensions-2:1.1'

    When you've done that, the bottom of the file should look like this:


  6. Now perform a Gradle Sync:


  7. Wait for Gradle to finish gradling

  8. Congratulations! You are now ready to use the new features provided by REV Extensions 2!

Ok now that I've installed it, how do I use this?

Please see the examples folder. More detailed documentation coming soon.



  • Fix compatibility with SDK v4.x (due to API breaking changes, older versions of the SDK are no longer supported)
  • Fix RevBulkData.getMotorCurrentPosition() and RevBulkData.getMotorVelocity() to return the value signed to be consistent with DcMotor.getMotorCurrentPosition() and DcMotorEx.getVelocity()
  • Correct typo in
  • Don't ignore reflection exceptions
  • Add JavaDoc comments to
  • Refactor hotswapping slightly


  • Initial release
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