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Temporary removing of all tests for OF LiveDemo according to some wro…

…ng configuration of Build Server. The will be back as soon as everything else will be stable.
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1 parent 51e4285 commit 7116d72adabae0874c754828d4d37ecd7dd20b15 Dmytry Kashcheiev committed Jan 21, 2014
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@@ -198,15 +198,15 @@
<property name="is.facelets" value="false"/>
<property name="context.path" value="/TestAppJsp_2x"/>
<property name="demoContext.path" value="/LiveDemoJsp_2x"/>
- <antcall target="run-func-tests"/>
<target name="run-func-tests-facelets" description="Run functional tests in Facelets-based JSF 1.2 environment">
<property name="jsf.implementation" value="SUN12"/>
<property name="is.facelets" value="true"/>
<property name="context.path" value="/TestAppFacelets_2x"/>
<property name="demoContext.path" value="/LiveDemoFacelets_2x"/>
- <antcall target="run-func-tests"/>

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