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Cloud native FaaS platform for running Serverless workloads with ease

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πŸ‘€ Overview

OpenFunction is a cloud-native open source FaaS (Function as a Service) platform aiming to let you focus on your business logic without having to maintain the underlying runtime environment and infrastructure. You only need to submit business-related source code in the form of functions.

OpenFunction features include:

  • Cloud agnostic and decoupled with cloud providers' BaaS
  • Pluggable architecture that allows multiple function runtimes
  • Support both sync and async functions
  • Unique async functions support that can consume events directly from event sources
  • Support generating OCI-Compliant container images directly from function source code.
  • Flexible autoscaling between 0 and N
  • Advanced async function autoscaling based on event sources' specific metrics
  • Simplified BaaS integration for both sync and async functions by introducing Dapr
  • Advanced function ingress & traffic management powered by K8s Gateway API
  • Flexible and easy-to-use events management framework

☸ Architecture

OpenFunction manages its components in the form of Custom Resource Definitions (CRD) throughout the lifecycle of a function, you can find more details in the Concepts section.

OpenFunction Events is OpenFunction's events framework, you can refer to OpenFunction Events for more information.

πŸš€ QuickStart

Install OpenFunction

To install OpenFunction, please refer to Installation Guide.

Create functions

You can find guides to create the sync and async functions in different languages here

Uninstall OpenFunction

To uninstall OpenFunction, please refer to Uninstallation Guide.


When you encounter any problems when using OpenFunction, you can refer to the FAQ for help.

πŸ’» Development

See the Development Guide to get started with developing this project.

πŸ›£οΈ Roadmap

Here you can find OpenFunction roadmap.

🏘️ Community

Contact Us

Community Call



Β Β Β Β 

OpenFunction is a CNCF Sandbox project now which also enriches the CNCF Cloud Native Landscape.

πŸ“Š Status