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Robust Articulated-ICP for Real-Time Hand Tracking


To obtain the results shown in the video (or as seen in the live demo sessions at SGP'15) proper hardware is necessary:

  • Ubuntu 14.04 (on windows/osx the OS interferes with GPU on Compute/Graphics context switches)
  • Intel Core i7 @4GhZ
  • CUDA Graphic card (NVIDIA GTX980 used in our demo)
  • Senz3D depth camera (SENSOR_DEPTHSENSEGRABBER, use SoftKinetic or Intel/Creative)

Other notes:

  • note the software must be compiled in 64bits!
  • Wristband color calibration (make sure the wristband is detected robustly otherwise the tracking might not perform as effectively, you can check this by enabling "show wband" in the htrack_atb application)


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  • July 8th 2015: we won the Best Paper Award at the Symposium on Geometry Processing (SGP) 2015!
  • June 12th 2015: official code release (in sync with CVPR'15 HANDS workshop)


  • Thanks to "Tu-Hoa Pham" for his pull request that improved the SoftKinetic (Senz3D) Sensor!