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Setting up Strata in Eclipse

This guide is designed to allow you to setup Strata in Eclipse for development.


Strata uses Maven as its primary build system. Installation into Eclipse is therefore based on the m2e Maven-Eclipse plugin.

Installation steps

  1. Download Eclipse
  • We have tested using Eclipse Neon, and have previously used Luna and Mars
  • See the main download page, selecting a package that includes Maven integration (m2e)
  • Internally, we prefer the basic SDK download as it has less bloat, but it does require a little more setup, notably the Maven integration (m2e) plugin
  1. Obtain the Strata source code
  • This can be obtained by cloning the git repository using git clone https://github.com/OpenGamma/Strata.git
  1. Install and Start Eclipse
  • Simply unzip the download into your preferred installation location
  • Start Eclipse, ensuring that you have a brand new workspace
  • Note that the Strata source code must NOT be located inside your Eclipse workspace
  1. Install the Eclipse preferences
  • Go to "File -> Import"
  • Select the "General -> Preferences" option
  • In the popup, click the "Browse..." button
  • Choose the file Strata/eclipse/install/Strata-Eclipse-Preferences.epf
  • Click "Finish"
  1. Install Eclipse plugins
  • Go to "Help -> Install new software..."
  • Click the 'Add...' button in the top right
  • Add any plugins deemed necessary, notably TestNG
  • Restart Eclipse if requested to do so
  1. Import the OpenGamma source code
  • Go to "File -> Import"
  • Select the "Maven -> Existing Maven Projects" option
  • In the popup, click the "Browse..." button
  • Choose the root directory of the OpenGamma source code - Strata
  • Click "Finish"
  • Enjoy a coffee while everything is installed! Note that this will involve Maven downloading jar file dependencies to the local repository cache.
  1. Get exploring!
  • A variety of launch configurations are supplied. See the "Run configurations..." popup (the down arrow beside the play button)

Hints and Tips

  • Ensure that you do not have your source code inside your Eclipse workspace. If you do, nothing will work correctly!

  • The combination of Eclipse, Maven and m2e sometimes gets confused. If projects have compile errors at any point when they shouldn't, try these three steps:

  • Select the project and right-click "Refresh"

  • Select the project and right-click "Maven -> Update Maven"

  • Select the project and from the main menu choose "Project -> Clean"

Active development of Strata

If you are actively devloping Strata, then it is recommended to take some additional steps.

  1. Load the code formatter
  • Go to the Eclipse Preferences. This is normally 'Window->Preferences...', but 'Eclipse->Preferences..' on Mac.
  • Select the "Java -> Code Style -> Formatter" page
  • Click "Import..."
  • Choose the file Strata/eclipse/install/Strata-Eclipse-Formatter-Java.xml
  • Click "OK"
  1. Load the code templates
  • Go to the Eclipse Preferences
  • Select the "Java -> Code Style -> Code templates" page
  • Click "Import..."
  • Choose the file Strata/eclipse/install/Strata-Eclipse-CodeTemplates-Java.xml
  • Click "OK"

Questions and comments

Please contact us publicly via the forums or privately as per your support contract.